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If you are a product manufacturer, brand owner, wholesaler or authorized distributor, then we it is worth cooperating for the manifold growth of our businesses.

About Us

CozyHouse LLC is a company that has been engaged in business-to-business sales during the «4» years and has managed to accumulate enough experience to provide qualified assistance in the promotion of the brand`s products.

Our company include only professionals in their field who are not by hearsay familiar with all the problems and pitfalls that stand in the way of successful brand promotion and know how to quickly and efficiently eliminate them. Each brand is unique and we exactly know what each of them needs to be a successful "ship" in these stormy waters of retail business.

Brands that have entered into an agreement with us do not have to worry about the successful sale of their products - this becomes our area of responsibility. The goal of our company is not only to build a strong chain from the brand`s supplier to the customer but also to constantly improve it to form an "ideal" product in the eyes of the customer and a "high-class" example for competitors.



We use special software for 24/7 tracking of competitors prices for quickly responding to the slightest price changes throuht the market and implementing the competitive pricing strategy which will immediately lead to an increase in retail sales.


Our SEO specialists will select the most suitable keywords that will be correctly included in the product description.


A detailed analysis of the target audience based on the A-B test allows us to optimize the approach to goods` advertising what will lead to an increase in demand.


A detailed description of the goods, creative photos and well-aimed keywords are guarantee of high interest of the buyer to your product. Using various tools on the Amazon Marketplace we will transform a faceless product's listing into something grand and unique.


All that is required from you is only to produce high-quality goods. Our qualified specialists from logistics department will fully take care of its subsequent successful and timely delivery.


Our goals are high ratings and good reviews. Our customer service is always online and is ready to provide any information about the product of buyer`s interest as well as peacefully resolve any conflict situations with dissatisfied customers as soon as possible.

Our Contacts

8TH FLOOR #8572
MIAMI, FL 33132

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